Annual Report 2022

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CYCC Annual Celebration Event

The event was held in June 2022 at the Christa McAuliffe Discovery Center in Concord. We celebrated the launching of our new website, new logo, new Google workspace platform, the completion of the Coming into Focus: PhotoVoice portion of the Needs Assessment, and the five 2022 CYCC Champion Award Winners, Emma Parcells, Sadie McCallum, Liberty Frink, Bayleigh Clock, and Lillian Brady.

Promoted Organized Assessment

The completion of the Needs Assessment in collaboration with Community Health Institute/JSI Research & Training Institute (JSI) found main themes of gaps in supports for families caring for youths with chronic conditions. The report was shared with many NH stakeholders and leaders working for the health systems of supports and services. The council will continue using the findings to promote solutions for better supports and services and to spread awareness.

Increased Awareness On Issues Impacting CYCC Families

We had multiple guest speakers and presentations by council members this past year to educate and spread awareness in NH.  Dr. Jan McGonagle from NH’s Family Centered Services, Complex Care Network, presented to CYCC. Council Members Karen Livernois and Leah Stagnone presented to the NH Leadership Series about our council and chronic health conditions effecting children and youths in our state. NH’s Public Health Department presented on the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness for Response and Recovery, Child Care Emergency Plan, and the Crisis Standards of Care Plan. The council is providing ongoing representation in Title V redesign stakeholder meetings.