Champion Award Winner Liberty Frink

A family of seven standing with a teenage girl in the center holding an award plaque
2022 Champion Award winner Liberty Frink surrounded by her family

Liberty Frink is a 15 year old student from Lancaster, NH.  She attends the White Mountain Regional High School.  Joyce Bernier, FCS/PIH recognized her leadership talents and sent in her nomination.

Here’s a list of the reasons why CYCC chose her as one of our 2022 Champion Award Winners:

  • Outstanding student that cares for the needs and concerns of her community.
  • Volunteers at the local food pantry, mobile pantries, Partners in Health and the local church.
  • Participates in the robotics program at her school.
  • Currently helping to resource the school’s greenhouse with an automated system to work during the off seasons for teachers and staff.

Congratulations Liberty! We understand you were back at the Discovery Center a week later to help lead a presentation on the new greenhouse system for your school. Thank you for being a strong leader in your community!

A teenage girl wearing a light green dress and face mask is standing on a stage waiting for her award.
Liberty Frink receiving her 2022 CYCC Champion Award.
A tall woman with long dark hair is dressed as Wonder Woman standing next to a teenage girl holding an award plaque.
Liberty Frink with Wonder Woman

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