NH State Advisors/Representatives/Appointed positions: 

DHHS: Deirdre Dunn

Community-Based Agency Director: TBD (formerly Heidi Petzold)

Education Department: TBD

Insurance Department: Josh Hilliard

NH House Representative: Rep Betty Gay

NH Senate: Becky Whitley


Professional/Community Org. (up to 6 members):

Laurie Fleming – NH School Nurse Assoc.  (Previous parent member/secretary since 2014)

Sylvia Pelletier – NH Family Voices

Dr. Harohalli Shashidhar – Eliot Hospital Pediatric GI Specialist

Kate Bailey – Epilepsy Foundation New England’s AmeriCorps Program

Youth Member: TBD

Member with Chronic Condition:  Leah Stagnone (2021)

Parent Appointed by Governor: Karen Livernois

Council Administrator: Audrey Gerkin