Champion Award Winner Sadie McCallum

A dad standing behind his daugher in a wheelchair. She is holding an award plaque. Next to her is Wonder Woman and her mom, all smiling.
2022 CYCC Champion Winner Sadie McCallum with her parents and Wonder Woman

Sadie McCallum is an upcoming Sophomore in High School from Weare, NH. She was nominated by Kelly Cleveland, PTA.  We love all the STEM and engineering skills, Sadie has used to make a difference in her community.

Here’s a list of some of the amazing contributions Sadie as worked on:

  • Uses her lived experience with Cerebral Palsy to invent equipment to facilitate a walker going up over a curb.
  • She is a recognized inventor and has been featured on television programs showcasing young inventors.
  • Starting an internship this summer where she’ll be advising engineers on medical and mobility equipment.
  • Her goal is to become a software engineer for biomedical equipment.
  • Influenced changes to her school campus for safe universal access.
  • Participates in forums to educate others about her diagnosis and its challenges.
  • Runs audio-visual equipment for drama productions at her school for fun.
  • Recently initiated a pen-pal relationship with a disability rights activist highlighted in Netflix’s Crip Camp documentary.

Thank you Sadie for being a tremendous leader as a young woman with a chronic health condition!

A teenage girl with dark short hair in a power wheelchair is on a stage waiting to receive an award. a stage
Sadie McCallum receiving her 2022 CYCC Champion Award
two teenage girls in wheelchairs wearing facemasks. One is wearing a jean jacket and the other in a long blue and white paisely dress.
Sadie McCallum and another Champion Award winner Emma Parcells

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