Coming Into Focus: 2022 PhotoVoice Project

A photo of a girl in short leggings surrounded by insulin needles mapping out her body outline. There is text on the left side of picture.
Coming Into Focus: 2022 PhotoVoice Project Gallery Photo – Lillian Brady


Check out a sneak peek of the The Coming Into Focus: 2022 PhotoVoice Project Gallery! Eight New Hampshire families agreed to participate by using photography to capture the joys and challenges of living with a chronic health diagnosis.  They curated this collection in hopes that other families might not feel so alone, and policymakers might be inspired to take action to support this community of families. There are a final 54 photos total from the project, and 25 currently printed for the gallery exhibit.

Over 100 attendees at the CYCC Celebration evening at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center on June 29, experienced the exhibition.  All in all, the evening was a success and CYCC will hold future exhibitions with the gallery. The 2022 PhotoVoice Project Gallery is hitting the road for other future exhibits to share the knowledge gained from the overall Needs Assessment and promote awareness of local NH families caring for the 65,000 children with special health care needs in our state.

The Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions (CYCC) partnered with JSI/Community Health Institute on a year long in-depth Needs Assesment. It dives into NH families caring for youths under the age of 21 with a chronic physical health condition. The assessment is still on-going and will wrap up with a full report sometime this fall.  The final report will include data and information gathered from a survey, listening forums, and individual and group interviews. The already completed PhotoVoice Project is the visual representation portion of the assessment.

Come back for updates on future exhibits and enjoy the sneak peek of these photos posted.


A young girls in shorts and tshirt doing a cartwheel on grass. Text is shown left of the picture
Coming Into Focus: PhotoVoice Project Gallery Photo – Sarah Livernois
a young boy with sunglasses and huge smilein a wheelchair on a sidewalk is sprayed with water
2022 Coming Into Focus: PhotoVoice Project Gallery Photo – Bodhi Bhattarai
Two people gazing at a gallery of photos on tripods
2022 PhotoVoice Project Gallery displayed at the Discovery Center CYCC Celebration.


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