Champion Award Winner Emma Parcells

A mom in a tye dyed blue and white dress stands behind a teenage girl with long red hair weaing a blue and white paisley dress seated in a wheelchair. She is holding an award plaque
2022 CYCC Champion Award Winner Emma Parcells and her mom.

Emma Parcells, a student at Concord High School, was nominated by Elizabeth Young.  Emma is opening up access to other students in her community, and we’re so happy to choose her for the 2022 CYCC Champion Award.

Here’s a list of her leadership accomplishments:

  • Experienced discrimination which led to advocacy.
  • Responsible for automatic doors near the school’s main office.
  • Worked hard with the high school staff and compliance officer for a comprehensive wheelchair checklist.
  • The checklist includes showing students in wheelchairs around the building, knowing the location of all the ramps, first floor lockers, wheelchair map of the building, access to lab tables and any accommodations within classrooms, accessible lunch lines and seating.
  • Emma is still working to make this checklist a school policy.
  • Advocating for inclusive adaptive sports.
  • Participates with the Yeah Council, a youth driven council.
  • Volunteers for Make a Wish and recently spoke to 400 people about the impact of her wish and what she is up to today.

Congratulations Emma!  Thank you for being a voice for others, a leader in your community, and working to make the world a more equitable inclusive place to live.


A teenage girl in a long blue and white paisley dress sitting in a wheelchair on a stage accepting an award plaque from a woman standing in a red dress
Emma Parcells accepting her 2022 CYCC Champion Award.
a teenage girl in a long white and blue paisley dress sitting in a wheelchair next to a standing Wonder Women in costume.
Emma Parcells with Wonder Woman


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