Meeting Minutes

Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Date: November 15, 2023

Location: Zoom

Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions 

November 15, 2023

Zoom meeting 5:30-7:30pm 



Audrey Gerkin, Karen Livernois, Kristin Bonny, Leah Stagnone, Betty Gay, Lauren Sirignano, Deodonne Bhattarai, Tim Guidish, Dee Dunn, Thaia Dorow, Regan Lamphier, Ansley Peacock, Josh Hilliard, Karin Mortimer



Introductions made for new members and guests.  Audrey introduced Leah Stagnone to the council as the new CYCC Director.  


Leah shared about her work experience with other organizations and expressed some of her ideas for the Council.  She also shared about her upcoming participation along with Audrey in the National MCH Workforce Development Center’s 2024 Learning Journey.


Secretary’s Report (Kristin Bonny)

September 20, 2023, Meeting Minutes were sent to the Council prior to tonight’s meeting. Corrections requested.  Tim made a motion to accept minutes with requested corrections, Regan seconded.  The motion passed. 


Treasurer’s Report (Tim Guidish)

Tim shared updates to the budget and reviewed each line item for the Council. 

  • One month behind on parent stipend.  
  • Web support is still sorting out charges.  
  • Strategic initiatives- open for ideas on future strategic initiatives.  
  • Sue will process First Tracks invoice
  • Audrey Gerkin Scholarships- waiting on invoice from IOD. 

Kristin made a motion to accept, Regan seconded.  The motion passed.  


Membership (Karen Livernois) 

  • 2 parent member applications were sent to the Council for review.  
  • Laurie Flemming is retiring and has endorsed a replacement for the School Nurse Representative.  Her application was sent to the Council for review prior to tonight’s meeting.  
  • Epilepsy Foundation- Karen will reach out to them about a replacement.
  • Community Organizer Member- Dee and Karen will connect.
  • Dept of Education- still waiting for Commissioner Edelblut to respond/appoint liaison. 


Agency Report (Dee Dunn)

The following is Dee’s report added to the minutes.


Activities at the Department have been largely focused on the following:

  1. Medicaid  
    1. Three (3) applications received in response to Request for Proposals for Medicaid’s managed care program. 
    2. Exploring Health Homes option for NH.
  2. Updates on BFCS services for CSHCN –  
    1. Families that are in vacant areas can access funds.

Families can reach out to the Bureau for information about accessing flex funds.  If they are working with Tracy or any of the Nurse Consultants, they can make the request known to them.  Otherwise, they should contact Heidi Petzold.  

  1. New families, looking for information about services provided by the Bureau or general information, should contact NH Family Voices.
  2. Families who previously had an HCC or FSC, can contact their regional Nurse Consultant for medical questions and Tracy Gassek or Heidi for program questions.
  3. If they have applied and have questions about their eligibility, they can contact Jamie Hill, the Eligibility Technician.
  4. RSA changes
    1. Question came in about RSA changes – need clarification
    2. We will be updating the rules (He-M 520 and 523) soon.  Currently, we have built a scope of services that complies with both rules.
  5. What is the “plan” for the vacant area? 
    1. We are nearing agreements with two distinct agencies to provide some version of family support in these regions.  
    2. This is in addition to providing RNs for specific medical questions.  
    3. We are also beginning participating in a Learning Journey with the MCH Workforce Development Center to help NH identify the needs of children with special health care needs and families.  It appears that these needs vary greatly across the state and may have changed over time.  Leah has agreed to be part of the core team.  Medicaid has also provided a representative to participate.
  6. Two-year amendments in process for
    1. Nutrition, feeding & swallowing.
    2. Child Development 
    3. Family to Family Health Information Center
    4. Youth Health Care Transition
  1. Title V 
    1. Title V Partnership Meeting 
    2. 2025 Needs assessment will help us identify priorities for NH.
      1. Will lead to strategic planning for FY 2026.
      2. CYCC will be instrumental.
    3. Staffing – vacancies 
      1. BFCS Program Assistant – new hire to start Dec. 1
      2. Clinical Program Manager – RN vacancy
      3. BDS Bureau Chief
BFCS Main Number 603-271-4488
Heidi Petzold, HCC & PIH Program Manager 603-271-4508
Tracy Gassek, CSHCN Programs Coordinator 603-271-4553
Jamie Hill, Eligibility Technician 603-271-4552
Sue Moore, RN, Nurse Consultant, Regions 6, 8, 9 & 10 603-271-4511
Kelley Rozen, RN, Nurse Consultant, Regions 3, 4, & 7 603-271-4510
Ellen Stickney, RN, Nurse Consultant, Regions 1, 2, & 5 603-271-4595
NH Family Voices 603-271-4525



How can CYCC help, especially in vacant regions?  

  • Review DHHS documents and help to put them into plain language. 
  • Share Information on who people can call- see above.  
  • Add a FAQ page to the CYCC website.

What is the Timeline for Needs Assessment?  They are starting the process now to submit by July 2025.

How do we get representation from the North Country?  Waypoint holds the contracts for regions 1 and 2.  Getting Melissa Hugner as a Community Organization member could help get representation from that area.

It was suggested that we present at Family Council meetings.  


Annual Report – Due December 

Leah will be able to work on that.  If anyone has anything to add, reach out to Leah or Karen.


Annual Meeting– January

Leah and Karen will be working to set the schedule.  The Council should review the By-laws and let Karen and Leah know in the next week or 2.  


  • Review of By-laws
  • Calendars of meetings for 2024
  • Council goals and objectives for 2024
  • Committees to set-up
    • Nomination Committee- would seek out people to fill vacant positions.
    • Annual Event Planning- need to start planning earlier.
    • Champion Awards- secondary to the Annual Event Planning.
    • Others committee ideas- The council can share in January.


Policy Focus

It is the beginning of the legislative season.  Leah and Karen are looking for Legislative Service Requests (LSR’s) that might be relevant, 54 so far.  Leah shared some of the LSR’s that they are watching.  Bills will be assigned soon.


Kaitlyn Burg is the State House Rep liaison to the Council and Jessica, Senator Whitley’s assistant is the Senate liaison to the Council.   Karen will email them both. 


New Member Applications

The new member applicants were thanked and excused from the meeting so the Council could vote.  All applications were sent to the Council prior to tonight’s meeting.


  • Thaia Dorow- Tim made a motion to accept as a parent member to the Council, Regan seconded.  The motion passed. 
  • Jennifer Burbank- Kristin made a motion to accept Jennifer as a parent member to the Council, Tim seconded.  The motion passed. 
  • Jennifer Rocheleau (nurse)- Regan made a motion to accept Jennifer as the NH School Nurses Association liaison, Kristin seconded.   The motion passed.


Action Items

  • Karen will reach out to the Epilepsy Foundation about having a representative on the Council.
  • Karen and Dee will connect regarding a potential Community organization member.
  • Karen will email Jessica at Senator Whitley’s office and Representative Kaitlyn Burg regarding LSR’s we are watching.
  • All- review By-laws and let Karen and Leah know of any changes.


*2024 Council Meeting Dates:   January 17