Annual Council Meeting Minutes

Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Date: February 3, 2021

Location: Zoom


Audrey Gerkin, Karen Livernois, Pam Becker, Deodonne Bhattarai, Tim Guidish, Deirdre Tierney, Sylvia Pelletier, Regan Lamphier, Kristin Bonny, Shashidhar Harohalli, and Laurie Fleming.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes of the December 17, 2020 meeting were approved with one clarification: “According to Pam, the State told Brian that they need to find someone to do admin for the other two councils and he said he was not going to hire another person.” This should be changed to the state clarified the contract between Pam and the council.

Clarification under membership: Destiny was taken off the council for lack of attendance and contact.

Abstain: Laurie Fleming, Deodonne Bhattarai

Treasurer’s Report

The budget now reflects funding for this council; it no longer includes the other 2 councils. There is a balance of $55,782, currently identified as special projects. Tim, Audrey, and Pam will look at the expenses and try to organize them in a manner that provides more clarity as to how spends are being utilized.


Letter sent to Governor Sununu’s office in December about encouraging the Governor to nominate Karen to be the Governors appointee to the council. There has been no word from the Governor yet. We will wait before we follow-up with them as sometimes it takes time for this to go through the proper channels.

Other appointments and recruitment possibilities (letters to organizations): There was discussion by the Council to send out letters to different agencies asking them to ask their parents if they would be willing to sit on our council. It was agreed that this would be a good idea.

New Membership Folders: Pam is making new membership folders to send out for inquiries.

Nominations and Elections for Officers

Members engaged in a discussion regarding the process whereby department representatives take back information to their departments. Deirdre spoke to this issue and the need for transparency from both the Council and the Departments. Discussion focused on the role of the Council as advisory to the departments (DHHS, Insurance, Education); structured with intent to include membership from departments to allow the Council to serve in this capacity. The Council meeting is also a public meeting. There was discussion about how to strategically approach something to get the best outcome. Members questioned whether there are any other councils that might have suggestions on how to communicate “up-the-chain” what they are learning from the council meetings.


  1. Under article 3 responsibilities, #1 we changed Chronic Conditions to Chronic illness. Was that intentional? It needs to go back to Chronic Conditions.
  2. Under membership in #3, those 2 paragraphs to advisory capacity, would they be able to vote? Can we do that if the law states they are members. The following community representatives should be appointed to the council (take out- in an advisory capacity)
  3. There is nothing in the By-laws about an administrator position. The administrator seems to be responsible for some of the tasks of the secretary and treasurer. Should this be listed in the By-Laws. We decided that the administrator should not be listed.


Audrey nominated the following:

  1. Chair: Audrey Gerkin
  2. Vice Chair: Karen Livernois
  3. Treasurer: Tim Guidish
  4. Secretary: Kristin Bonny

These were seconded by Regan Lamphier, Laurie Fleming, and Karen Livernois, and Deodonne Bhattarai. All candidates were voted in.

Those elected will begin to have Executive Council meetings led by Audrey monthly.

Vaccine Public Statement Update

The statement went to PIO for approval. We have not heard anymore. What should we do if DHHS has not sent out the statement? Deirdre and Audrey will talk to Deb that the council would like to help the department get the information out to the population CYCC represents, in a language that they can understand and respond to.

Annual Report

Deodonne will add a little bit about her presentation with Tim. Sylvia will email changes to Pam. Edits should be in by 2/9/21.

RFP approvals

Building Community NH and Friends in Action were able to get RFP approval and money. Pam will get contracts out to them after the council weighs in. We should be able write about how they represented families in our next annual report.

New idea: Comprehensive Needs Assessment is needed in a BIG way for our kids with Chronic Conditions to determine the needs and unmet needs. Members questioned potential cost. Pre-school Development Grant (PDG) was identified as a recent, large assessment. Sylvia will investigate the cost for the needs assessment for the PDG. JSI was also identified as a potential organization, Katie Robert was identified as someone with experience in needs assessments as well. Laurie reported that the CDC just gave a big grant to 17 states to answer questions about school students’ needs with chronic conditions. They may have information about how we go about the assessment.

Pam also talked about doing some strategic planning. We discussed doing this after the Needs assessment.

Deirdre also talked about the need for respite being talked about by families but it was not reflected by families in the Title V needs assessment so there was concern that the right questions were not being asked. Should we investigate this within the Needs Assessment?

Champion Awards for school nurses and teachers

Subcommittee: Kristin Bonny, Laurie Fleming. Pam will connect with them to get this going.

Nursing Shortage quick update

There is a document of a broad plan for in-home nursing. Michelle Winchester has been working on this and talking with the federal delegation.

Health Equity Advanced Leadership Series session 3. (April 1- 4:30 to 6:30 PM)

We were invited to talk about 1 issue of concern related to youth with chronic health conditions and how they can advocate. Audrey will attend with Pam.

Future CYCC meetings

March 24, 2020, May 5, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

Upcoming Meetings

NH Association of Special Education Administrators 2/12/21
Medical Care Advisory Committee (MCAC) 2/8/21
Health Equity Advanced Leadership Series 4/1/21

To Do Items for the Council

  1. Tim, Audrey, and Pam will look at budget expenses and organize them in a different way.
  2. Pam and Audrey will send letters to other agencies to ask parents if they are interested in joining this council.
  3. Pam will put together membership packets to mail to those interested.
  4. Pam will make corrections on the By-Laws.
  5. The whole council will look at the Annual report and notify Pam of additions/changes needed by 2/9/21.
  6. Pam will send the finished Annual report out to the council.
  7. Deidre and Audrey will speak with Deb about getting the public statement out.
  8. Pam will get contracts ready for the approved RFP and send them to the council for approval.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laurie Fleming, secretary