Council Meeting Agenda

Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Date: August 17, 2022

Location: Zoom

Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions

August 17, 2022

Zoom meeting 5:30-7:30pm


  1. Introductions
  2. Secretary Report (Meeting Minutes Kristin Bonny, completed by Regan Lamphier)
  3. Treasurer’s Budget Report (Tim Guidish)
  4. Membership
  5. CYCC Celebration Recap (Karen and Deodonne)
    1. Champion Winners and PhotoVoice Project
  6. Needs Assessment Update
    1. Key Informant Interviews underway
    2. Contract with JSI ends Sept 30th, on track for a final report
  7. Website Redesign Update
    1. Emails and Google Workspace Platform
    2. Donation page/PayPal with Community Partners
    3. Social Media
  8. Events
    1. Bipartisan Disability Caucus Recap
    2. How to highlight completed Needs Assessment
      1. PhotoVoice Gallery Exhibitions, Presentations, Proclamation/Awareness Week etc…
    3. Gubernatorial Town Hall
      1. Potential Dates September 20th and 27th
      2. Sununu and Sherman have confirmed to participate
  • From Lisa Beaudoin. –‘this is not a fundraiser, “co-sponsoring” in this case means the disability organizations are co-billed in creating the event. The DRC is covering the costs of interpreters and translation.  I propose the rest of us will share in the cost of the location and other incidentals.’
  1. Ask your children what they would want to ask the Governor. Think of questions for our council.
  1. Agency Report (Dee Dunn)
  2. Public Health
    1. Crisis Standards of Care Plan feedback for NH Emergency Planning
  3. Seacoast Human Resource Association
    1. Potential quarterly partnership donor for their organization
  4. Policy Update (will post on our new website)
    1. SB430 Section 22, Parent payment program/CMS approval of 1915j very close
    2. SB444 Pilot program for ACE children – uses ARP funds- PASSED
    3. RARE Council – talk around policy change for formula (food) access.
  5. Future Projects Subcommittee
    1. Brainstorming group for use of our funds (Scholarships, follow through on Needs Assessment recommendations, film screenings, Awareness week, etc)
  6. Meeting dates for 2022 CYCC meetings, for the year.
    1. November 16 (Annual Report Draft)
    2. Schedule for 2023, Potential dates:
      January 18 -Annual Meeting
      April 19, July 19, Sept 20, Nov 15