Community Partners with SHRA

Six people dressed with red bandanas stand around a table. The center person is holding a teddy bear dressed as a doctor.
Members of Seacoast Human Resource Assoc and Audrey Gerkin, far right, participated in team building activities.

CYCC is delighted to announce our community partnership with Seacoast Human Resource Association (SHRA).  We were chosen as SHRA’s spring quarter recipients.  This past week, Audrey Gerkin, the Council Administrator, gave a presentation on CYCC to the SHRA members.  The group participated in team building activities, which resulted in the construction of teddy bears for donation to children admitted at Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover, NH.

This is a fundraising opportunity for the council and to raise more awareness for children with chronic health care needs.  If you would like to support CYCC, you can do so here! 

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