Olivia Bennett and Wyatt Paddock honored with Outstanding Adolescent award

CONCORD – Two Kearsarge Regional High School  were recently honored as a “Champion Child/Outstanding Adolescent” at a state-wide event honoring young people who overcome serious, chronic health conditions.   Eleventh grader Wyatt Paddock and 9th grader Olivia Bennett were nominated by School Nurse Lisa MacLean for their spirit and resilience and then selected by the State Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions.   She wrote in Olivia’s nomination:

Olivia has multiple diagnoses and has had some specific health struggles this year as she made the transition to high school. Despite that challenge, she has embraced her entry to high school with smiles for everyone and never a single complaint about her health. She is a ray of sunshine for her teachers, paras and peers, reminding us all what it is to be brave and kind.”

MacLean wrote in Wyatt’s nomination:

“Wyatt has a significant chronic condition and yet he comes to school always doing and giving his best both in attitude and academics. When he was granted his Make A Wish opportunity last year, he chose to use it to collect back packs of items for the homeless. We all enjoy his quiet, unassuming manner as well as his talents with magic tricks! He’s a delight to see each day and has already begun interfacing with the world with a focus on what he can do for others.”

Each year the Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions honors several children and youths.  Most are nominated from school nurses and other professionals that engage regularly with children with serious health care issues.