Laurie Fleming

Laurie Fleming, school nurse at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School 


She works closely with families of those with chronic health conditions to help the students to manage their condition and fully participate in the educational setting.   Laurie has her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, her Associates degree in Nursing, her Masters degree in Public Health, and she is currently working on a Masters degree in Nursing.  Laurie has also served on the board of the New Hampshire School Nurses’ Association for 17 years, and on the board of the National Association of School Nurses for the past 3 years.  Laurie was on the national team that published the position document “Students with Chronic Health Conditions: The Role of the School Nurse.”  Laurie is also the Health Consultant for 25 Little Sprouts preschools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  As the mother of a daughter with hydrocephalus and seizures, Laurie understands how much work families do to manage all of the things that go along with a chronic condition.