Ryan Page honored with Champion Children award

CONCORD – A 13-year-old Seacoast boy was recently honored as a “Champion Child/Outstanding Adolescent” at a state-wide event honoring young people who overcome serious, chronic health conditions. Ryan Page was nominated by Astrid Wielens, of Zebra Crossings, for her spirit and resilience and then selected by the State Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions. She wrote in his nomination:

“When Ryan was born, he had the longest gap doctors had ever seen in a baby with esophageal atresia, a gap between the top and bottom parts of his esophagus. Doctors initially inserted a G-tube to feed him because he couldn’t eat on his own. He had a surgery that was unique at that time and Ryan didn’t come home until six months old and he needed to learn how to eat. Now at age 13, he is still affected by his condition as he takes medications and when he feels sick. Ryan now loves being able to go to Boston Children’s Hospital to meet other parents and to give them hope that their child will eat at some point. He is an extremely thoughtful kid and always works to make others feel included. He truly is an amazing kid.”

Each year the Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions honors several children and youths. Most are nominated from school nurses and other professionals that engage regularly with children with serious health care issues. For more information, contact CYCC Executive Director Jeff Woodburn at jeff@nhcycc.org.