Matthew Garrett honored with Champion Children award

CONCORD – A Pittsfield boy was recently honored as a “Champion Child/Outstanding Adolescent” at a state-wide event honoring young people who overcome serious, chronic health conditions. Matthew Garrett was nominated by Pittsfield School Nurse Allison Daigle for her spirit and resilience and then selected by the State Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions.   She wrote in his nomination:

“Matthew represents the true meaning of perseverance.  Not only has Matthew met with physical limitations, he has had times of extended absences from school and his friends.  Matthew chooses to attend school as much as possible with a love for learning and cheerful attitude.  One cannot help but smile when meeting Matthew, he is an inspiration to us all.”

Each year the Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions honors several children and youths.  Most are nominated from school nurses and other professionals that engage regularly with children with serious health care issues.  For more information, contact CYCC Executive Director Jeff Woodburn at