How to Get Involved

One of the many strengths of the Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions (CYCC) is the diversity of its board membership. The CYCC board consists of: one New Hampshire Senator and Representative; representatives from the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Insurance; representatives of state professional and community organizations representing a cross-section of disciplines and constituencies; and parents or guardians of children with chronic health conditions.

CYCC’s board members understand that properly responding to the needs of children and adolescents with chronic health condition does require the collaborative efforts of many. Their united commitment to shine a spotlight on this state crisis is helping save precious lives and needlessly spent dollars.

Become involved, and help improve access to health care and increase awareness of the many chronic illnesses effecting New Hampshire’s children and adolescents.

CYCC membership details
In accordance with RSA 126-I:1, the number of CYCC members shall not exceed 27, and shall consist of up to 13 who are parents or guardians (or have been) of a child or adolescent with a chronic health condition, and one parent or guardian of a child or adolescent with a chronic health condition, appointed by the Governor.
The following New Hampshire agencies and departments shall be represented on the Council:

  • One representative of the Department of Health and Human Services, appointed by the commissioner.
  • One representative of the Department of Education, appointed by the commissioner.
  • One representative of the Insurance Department, appointed by the commissioner.

The following community representatives shall be appointed to CYCC through the nominating committee process:

  • A director from a community-based agency which has been charged by CYCC with providing support and services to children and adolescents with chronic health conditions and their families.
  • Up to six representatives of professional and community organizations, which shall represent a cross-section of disciplines and constituencies such as, but not limited to: physicians, nurses, and educators, appointed by the council in accordance with its bylaws.
  • The Council shall also include representatives from the legislature: one Senator appointed by the President of the Senate and One House member appointed by the Speaker of the House

The terms of office shall be for three years (including those appointed by state departments), except for the representatives from the legislature who shall serve the terms of their election. One third of the total membership shall expire annually at the annual meeting which shall be held during the month of November.

To maintain the staggering of memberships, the expiration date of each membership term shall be fixed, even when vacant. Members of the Council resigning during their term of office will have their unexpired term filled by a person brought forth by the nominating committee and vote of the executive board, with notice of such election having been given.

CYCC membership shall be appointed for no more than two full consecutive three-year terms, but may be re-appointed after an absence of one term. A CYCC member whose term of office is expiring may continue beyond the end of the term until re-appointed or until a successor is nominated.

To learn more, contact the CYCC office at